The Divine purpose for the existence of the Temple is very specific. Yahuah wanted to have a place in which to record His Name, a place in which He could dwell among His people in His esteem and presence. "The Name" in Scripture always speaks of "The Nature" of Yahuah, "The Character" of Yahuah" (who He is in His own essential Being). Yahuah has always wanted a place — infact A PERSON — in which He could rest His Name and all that is represented in that expression. 

Yahuah dwelt in the Tabernacle in the wilderness, then later at Gilgal in the original entrance to the land of promise, then the Tabernacle was taken to Shiloh.

When the Temple replaced the Tabernacle, it was built in the city of Jerusalem, the city of Peace, the Set-Apart City. It can readily be seen what joy and esteem was in the city of Jerusalem, because the Temple of Yahuah was in that city. It became the joy of the whole earth. THE TEMPLE TRULY PUT THE CITY ON THE MAP and made it `a force to be reckoned with' among all the Kingdoms of the earth. It's in this City that Yahuah says His Name was recorded. It was recorded not only in the Temple but also in the City. The City and the Temple were therefore united in the one Name of YAHUAH!

Yahuah finally had to judge the City with destruction along with the Temple because of the corruptions and iniquity of the chosen Nation. The visions of the prophet Ezekiel reveal how various abominations were brought into the Temple of Yahuah and caused His esteem to depart from the Temple and from the City. However, in the closing chapters of Ezekiel, Yahuah gave him a vision of a New Temple and a New City, and here His perfect esteem returns and His Name is placed there in that city forever!

And it's also in this New Temple and New City that we have a final note (AT THE END OF EZEKIEL) concerning Yahuah's Name: YAHUAH SHAMMAH (meaning 'Yahuah is there', 'Yahuah is ever-present'). All of this finds its ultimate fulfilment in REV 21-22, HEB 11, GAL 4:26, PS 46, and the City here is the NEW JERUSALEM. The OLD temple and OLD City is past. The New Jerusalem is the City of the living Yahuah - through the resurrected power and revelation of the man Yahusha Messiah. It is a Heavenly City, with foundations in it whose builder and maker is Yahuah. The old Jerusalem was corrupted by the people who had the Name of Yahuah upon them. They had failed through wickedness. The Heavenly City of Jerusalem is the Set-Apart City, the righteous city, the city of Yahuah, a city with no need of sun or moon, for the risen, ascended, conquering Lion of Judah YAHUSHA MESSIAH is it's only light!

So now we have the Divine Purpose for the building of the Temple. Yahuah wanted to have a place in which He could dwell, a place for His presence, a place for His Name. All the esteem of His redemptive Name would be made manifest amongst His redeemed as they honoured and hallowed it among the Nations. The Scripture says, "And Solomon determined to build a house for THE NAME of Yahuah" (2 CHRON 2:1).

Today the Bride is Yahuah's House. It is to be built for the Name of Yahuah (through the Name of Yahusha Messiah) BECAUSE IF YOU SAY THE NAME `YAHUSHA' YOU ARE ACTUALLY SAYING THE NAME `YAHUAH' (+ DELIVERANCE). The progressive unfolding of the Name of Yahuah in regard to His Dwelling Places shows that Yahuah set His Name in a place, on an article of furniture, in a habitation and in a City, as well as upon His people. And the ultimate revelation is that YAHUAH SETS HIS NAME NO LONGER IN A PLACE BUT IN A PERSON: YAHUSHA MESSIAH. And from Him His Name is placed upon His Bridal people. It is of Him that "the whole family in heaven and earth is named" (EPH 3). The Bride is Yahuah's Temple in which His Name now dwells forever!

THE FOUNDATION SITE: "Then Solomon began to build the house of Yahuah at Jerusalem, in Mount Moriah, where Yahuah appeared to David his father, in the place that David had prepared, in the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite" (2CHRON3).

This verse sets forth the truth concerning the site of the Temple of Yahuah. In this same verse are rich seeds of truth which must be considered, concerning the site which Yahuah chose (and tested) for the building of His House, and also His New Blood-Covenant Bride.


Yahuah chose the city of Jerusalem to place His Name in. Jerusalem is the Central City in Old-Blood Covenant times, relative to the redemptive purposes of Yahuah. It was the Set-Apart City, the Righteous City, the City where the Word of Yahuah went out to the chosen Nation and from there to all others. Jerusalem is the City to which the Deliverer would come in the appointed time. All other cities in Israel and Judah (as well as the outside pagan cities) were ALL JUDGED BY THEIR RESPONSE TO WHAT TOOK PLACE IN THIS CITY OF JERUSALEM!


However the Book of Hebrews shows that there was both the earthly city of Jerusalem, and there is the heavenly city of Jerusalem - the Divine Jerusalem that's above. (HEB 12, GAL 4). John saw this majestic city in REV 21-22, and this, without doubt, is the city that Abraham, as well as all of us, look for, not the earthly city in Palestine. Melchizedek is 'King of Righteousness, King of Peace'. The Kingdom of Yahuah is as the King, a Kingdom which is RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE AND JOY IN THE SET-APART SPIRIT (ROM 14). Whatever the King is, so will be the Kingdom (GEN 14). Solomon himself was seen to be a King of Peace, executing Righteousness in Jerusalem, the City of Righteousness and Peace. Therefore he becomes a suitable shadow of the Reign of Messiah Yahusha, who is THE King of Righteousness and THE King of Peace ruling in His Kingdom and in His Bride.

Jerusalem means "City of Righteousness, City of Peace". `Salem' finds it's meaning in "Peace". Jerusalem was the City of Yahuah, City of the Great King. When Melchizedek appeared to Abraham, he spoke to him about the City, whose maker and builder is Yahuah. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all looked for this City with foundations (HEB 11). Melchizedek's name means, "King of Righteousness, King of Peace". He was a King-Priest. He was Shem, carrying on the miraculous word and witness (given to him by his father Noah), as a loyal Priest of the Most High Yahuah, and the King of Jeru-salem (the earthly city).

The Temple City was chosen to be Jerusalem (the earthly Jerusalem). It was meant to be the earthly shadow of the heavenly Jerusalem, manifesting the nature, character, function and service of that Heavenly City. The ultimate truth of this is seen in the Divine and Set-Apart City, New Jerusalem, in which Yahuah's Lamb is the Temple. This is the Eternal City of Eternal Righteousness and Eternal Peace. It is free. It is above. It is built by Yahuah. But it will cost you your whole life! (as filthy as it was anyway)!

THE FOUNDATION SITE: "Then Solomon began to build the house of Yahuah at Jerusalem, in Mount Moriah, where Yahuah appeared to David his father, in the place that David had prepared, in the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite" (2CHRON3).


The next significant part of the verse tells us that the House of Yahuah was built, not only in Jerusalem, the City of Yahuah, but in Mount Moriah.

He obviously believed that Yahuah would resurrect his son, since no other could carry on his seed of promise, to bless the Nations of the earth. As Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, on the prepared sacrificial altar and wood, Yahuah called to him from heaven to spare his son. Abraham was to offer (instead of his son) the ram he saw caught in the bushes. Upon the absolute and unquestioning obedience of Abraham, Yahuah confirmed the Blood-Covenant promises to him of the land, the seed and the victory over enemies as well as the blessing upon all Nations. Abraham received revelation and called that place of sacrifice in Mt Moriah, "YAHUAH YIREH - Yahuah will provide". And again, "In the Mount of Yahuah, it shall be seen". So we must ask. What shall be seen?

So it is upon the basis of the New-Blood Covenant's "only begotten Son" of Yahuah that Covenantal Blessings are available for all Nations. Yahusha, after three days and three nights, rose from the dead and made available to all Nations the Blessings of the New-Blood Covenant. An animal sacrifice was offered instead of Isaac in the Old Covenant. In the New-Blood Covenant, Yahusha was offered instead of animal sacrifices. Yahusha is THE Lamb of Yahuah taking away the sin of the world.

The tremendous significance of this can only be seen by considering the Scriptural account of what took place on this Mountain. In GEN 22 we have Yahuah the Father of Creation, calling upon Abraham the father of all who believe, to offer up his only son, Isaac (who he loved) as an Ascending-Near (burnt) Offering, in a Mountain that He Himself would specify. In the course of the journey, Isaac asked his father, "Dad, we've got the fire and the wood, but where's the Iamb for the sacrifice?" Abraham told his only son that Yahuah Himself would provide the lamb in the appointed place and time. And after 3 days journey, they came to Mt Moriah, the appointed Mount. Abraham told the 2 witnesses (young men) to wait as he and his only son would go and worship and then come back to them. Wow what trust!

Undoubtedly, revealing this redemptive aspect of Yahuah's Name, saw that in due time, THE TEMPLE OF YAHUAH WOULD BE BUILT IN THIS MT MORIAH. This is the shadow of would be seen! MORIAH MEANS "SEEN OF YAHUAH". Yahuah saw Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his only son and belief in the resurrection of this son. Yahuah saw Abraham's unquestioning obedience to His word and the unity between Abraham and Isaac, the father and the son. And all of this shadowed forth on earth that which would take place in the appointed time between the Father Yahuah and His only begotten Son, Yahusha Messiah on Mt Moriah ... YAHUSHA WAS THE LAMB THAT YAHUAH PROVIDED, LIFTED UP ON THE MOUNTAIN FOR ALL TO SEE ... YAHUAH YIREH !!

Animal sacrifices were unwilling sacrifices. Yahusha was willing to lay down His life for us doing the Father's will. Now it is UPON THE FOUNDATION OF HIS PERFECT SACRIFICE THAT HIS BRIDE, THE NEW-BLOOD COVENANT HOUSE CAN BE FORMED WITHIN CLEANSED INDIVIDUALS, ALL FITTED TOGETHER TO SOON MAKE THE NEW JERUSALEM. He takes away the first that He may establish the second. He takes away the Old-Blood Covenant economy to establish the New-Blood Covenant economy (still based on the same blessings, curses and promises - HEB 10).

THE FOUNDATION SITE: "Then Solomon began to build the house of Yahuah at Jerusalem, in Mount Moriah, where Yahuah appeared to David his father, in the place that David had prepared, in the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite" (2CHRON3).

C. TEMPLE PLACE: Threshing floor

The exact site of the Temple was the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. Solomon began to build the house of Yahuah at Jerusalem in Mt Moriah, "where Yahuah had appeared to David his father, in the place that David had prepared, in the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite". Satan motivated King David, out of pride, to number the people of Israel (INSTEAD OF TRUSTING).

Without the atonement money, Israel was open to the plague and judgments of Yahuah. Rich and poor were to give alike, according to the standard of the sanctuary (EX 30). Without the ransom money the plague struck (1 CHRON 21). Because the King's word was abominable to Joab, both records vary in their accounts of the numbering of the people, because David was disobeying the word of Yahuah. Abraham's seed was to be as numberless as the sand and the stars. Yahuah sends the destroying Angel to plague Jerusalem. David repents for his sin, and shows his shepherd heart, saying, "What have these sheep done that they should be judged for my sin?" The Angel of Yahuah came to Jerusalem, right to the place of Ornan's threshing floor, with his drawn sword.

It was silver for the place for the altar of sacrifice. It was gold for the place for the Temple! The Temple was built upon the FOUNDATION OF TESTING AND SACRIFICE. Yahuah's esteem can only dwell upon clean, redemption ground. Yahuah sealed this act by answering from Heaven with Divine fire, now here again at David's sacrifice. Later on the fire would come from Heaven at the offerings of Solomon's Temple Service. David recognised the Divine Seal. He said, "THIS IS THE HOUSE OF YAHUAH ALAHIM, and THIS is the altar of burnt offering for Israel" (1 CHRON 22). It was Yahuah who commanded David to build an altar upon the site of the threshing floor at Jerusalem. What did Yahuah have in mind? WOW! What a price to pay for this site.

From Satan's viewpoint, he hates the people of Yahuah. From David's viewpoint, it was National Pride of Numbers. This is why the Scripture says that the King's word was abominable to Joab. Yahuah had promised that Abraham's seed would be innumerable, as the sand and as the stars. However, Yahuah had commanded Moses that whenever the people were to be numbered, all had to bring the ransom money, the atonement money, the half shekel of redemption money, the price of a person (EX 30). Again, from Satan's point of view, he hates the atonement and the whole plan of redemption and so caused David to bypass the ransom money and number the people anyway. Yahuah had promised that no plague would come near the Nation as long as they paid the redemption price.

But with David's prayer, Yahuah restrains the plague and commands him to build an altar on this very site. Ornan was threshing wheat, getting rid of the chaff. David now purchased the threshing floor and the oxen for sacrifice from Ornan for the price of fifty shekels of silver. Here we have redemption money, the price of a being. David built an altar, offered sacrifices of blood there, as King-Priest, and the plague was stopped on the basis of sacrificial blood. It was the price of blood, the price of the atonement. David then purchased the whole area (the site of the Temple) for six hundred shekels of gold.

Why did Yahuah choose the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite? Because it was the Mountain of Yahuah's House. Ornan's name means "That which rejoices, their bow or ark". He is also called by the name Araunah, which means "Ark" or "Song". Undoubtedly his name has prophetic significance. It was in this place that the "Ark" of Yahuah would rest. Here in the Temple there would be the "Song" of Yahuah and "that which rejoices" as the people rejoiced in the presence of Yahuah. The threshing floor was a place for getting rid of the chaff and bringing out the wheat for food. Surely it is significant that Mt Moriah was the place of sacrifice and Ornan's place is for threshing of wheat. FROM THIS FOUNDATION WOULD ARISE THE SET-APART HOUSE OF YAHUAH.

John the Immerser spoke of Yahuah's ministry of "threshing out the chaff', gathering the wheat into His barn and burning the chaff with unquenchable fire (MATT 3). This was through the immersion of the Set-Apart Spirit and fire. Our Alahim Yahuah is a consuming fire-(HEB 12).


The first and most important thing in a structure is the FOUNDATION, upon which the whole structure stands or falls. The foundation site of the Temple was chosen by Yahuah and the significance of that site has been stated. Now we'll see the significance of the material chosen to be the foundation of Yahuah's house, these being great, costly and hewn stones.

"If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (PS 1 1:3).

"Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation, a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation . . ." (IS 28).

"His foundation is in the Set-Apart mountains . ." (PS 87).

"Other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Yahusha Messiah" (1 COR 3).

For the Temple to be built according to the pattern, a solid foundation, foundation stones, had to be laid. There are several aspects that may be considered when looking at the truth of the foundation stones of the Temple of Yahuah :

YAHUSHA-FOUNDATION - There is absolutely no mistake in the fact that Yahusha Messiah is THE FOUNDATION of His Bride, His Set-Apart Temple. He is the Rock and the Foundation-Stone in all He is, all He said, and all He did. Paul says that no other foundation can be laid than what's already been laid by Yahusha Messiah, for it is the person of Yahusha — Who He is.

The prophet Isaiah said, "I lay in Zion for a foundation stone, a tried and tested stone, a precious cornerstone" (IS 28:16). Messiah is this tried ad tested stone, tried by the Roman Rulers, the Priests and Scribes of the Sanhedrin of the Jewish Nation. He is the proven stone. He is the sure foundation. The theme of the Rock/Stone is evident throughout the Scripture. It is the life-story of Messiah.

* Yahusha is the Anointed Stone of Jacob's ladder (GEN 28).

* Yahusha is the Shepherd-Stone of Israel in Joseph (GEN 49).

* Yahusha is the Smitten Rock providing the waters of the Set-Apart Spirit for the people of Yahuah (EX 17, IS 53, PS 78, 1 COR 10).

* Yahusha is the Rock of our Deliverance (PS 18, 62, 40).

* Yahusha is the Rock of redemption and revelation (EX 33).

* Yahusha is the Rock into which we enter and find safety (IS 2, DEUT 32).

* Yahusha is the Rock that begets lively stones (DEUT 32).

* Yahusha is the Smiting Rock that becomes the Stone Kingdom (DAN 2, LUKE 20, MATT 21).

* Yahusha is the Rock upon which His Assembly is built (MATT 16).

* Yahusha is the foundation for the wise man who built His house upon a Rock (MATT 7). Solomon was a 'wise man" who built the house of Yahuah on the rock foundation.

* Yahusha is the living stone by reason of His resurrection (1 PET 2).

* Yahusha the rejected Stone becomes the headstone and cornerstone (PS 118; MATT 21).

* Yahusha is the Stone with the saving name in it (ACTS 4).

When we look at Scripture, Messiah is seen in all His esteem as the Rock of Ages, the Rock of our deliverance, THE FOUNDATION STONE UPON WHICH THE ASSEMBLY WILL BE BUILT. When all around is sinking sand, on Yahusha the solid Rock we stand! He who laid and is the foundation of this house will complete it (ZECH 4 & 6).

While the Tabernacle of Moses had its foundation in the silver sockets of redemption and the Temple of Solomon had its foundation in Moriah and the foundation stones, the Assembly of Yahusha Messiah has its foundation in Him, His Person, His Word, His Work and His Love. To those who rejected Him, He is the stone of stumbling and a rock of offence (ROM 9, I PET 2). To those who believe, He is the stone with the seven eyes of Yahuah (perfect insight) in it (ZECH 4). To Him we sing (PS 95).

The final aspect of foundation and building stones is Yahusha's Bride.

In Solomon's Temple, the stones had to be blasted and shaken out of the quarries of King Solomon by his quarry-men. They were removed from their natural surroundings. They were originally rough, jagged, hideously unattractive stones, unhewn, unshapen stones, useless and without purpose. The Scripture says that these stones for the Temple were made ready before they were brought to the Temple site to be placed. "There was no sound of hammer, or axe, or any tool of iron in the house while it was in building." (1 KINGS 6) 

We note some things about the stones, not only for the house of Yahuah, but also for Solomon's house, which was also made of stones. The spiritual truths evident  here may be applied to believers who are now the "LIVING STONES" for a spiritual house. Undoubtedly Peter had these things in mind when he wrote this to the believers (1 PET 2).

The stones for Yahuah's Temple were:

* Costly stones

* Great stones

* Hewn stones

* White stones

* Prepared stones

* Foundation stones

* Measured stones ... 8 by 10 cubits

* Covered stones, covered with cedar wood

* Wrought stones, sawed within and without

* Garnished stones, with precious gems for beauty

After being quarried, these stones were hewn, sawn, squared, measured and shapen in order to find their place in the house of Yahuah. Everything was to fit perfectly in His house by the builders. Israel had been "hewn by the word of the prophets." The stone-squarers had to work on these stones, chiselling, shaping and polishing them to fit into Yahuah's House.

The stone-masons knew what they were doing to the various stones, and all of this preparation speaks of Yahusha training and disciplining and flogging and perfecting His Bride. There, it was material stones, worked on EXTERNALLY. Here, it is spiritual stones, worked on INTERNALLY, being built up (through the incorruptible, implanted seed) into a spiritual House.

There was much noise in the quarries and forests but when the Temple came together there was not the sound of a hammer or tool. Yahusha has set in the Assembly spiritual stone-squarers, stone-masons, these being qualified believers who's behaviour has been tested and tried in fire. Yahusha is in control of the shaping to bring His Bride into His maturity and pattern.

Likewise, Yahusha wants to use His Bride as quarry-men, to obtain stones from out of the quarries of sin, the quarries of this world. Then Yahusha can shape, hew, saw, square, fashion and polish with hammer and saw and chisel off the worldly wicked behaviour from the lively stones brought to Him. Through the indwelling power of His Set-Apart Spirit, a Divine Operation and continual portal exposure, Yahusha works on these stones, to see that they measure up to Yahuah's standard and pattern of behaviour in order to find their place in His Body, His Bride, His Temple.

Judas became a "rejected stone", cast away, refusing to be measured within and without by the Master-builder, Yahusha Messiah Himself. He rejected THE Stone and became a rejected stone himself. But Peter allowed the Master-builder to work on him, and so Peter, "a stone", found his place and name in the Foundations of the City.

Yahusha is the "wise master-builder", who positions the stones in their appointed places in the Temple of Yahuah, knowing where all the stones are to be placed. How sad it must be when the Master-builder finds stones who are "misfits", and refuse to fit into His Perfect House, but want to be individual stones, their own personality, alone and they find no placement or blessing in Yahusha.

As the Master Himself was a tried stone, a tested stone, so will all stones be that find their place in the House of Yahuah. He calls us to be like Him. The work of conviction, regeneration and deliverance are all part of the process to make us the lively stones He wants us to be. The Bride is a Spiritual House, a Set-Apart Temple, a habitation of Yahusha by the Spirit.

The walls of the house, as also the foundation, were made of white marble stone, or simply "white stones." Walls speak of safety, protection, enclosure and security. The city of Yahuah in John's vision has its walls and keeps out those who are unclean and unfit to enter the presence of Yahusha. It also protects those who are within, the priests of Yahusha. Isaiah also speaks of "the walls of deliverance" (IS 60). Yahuah promised to be a "wall of fire" around His people in time of trouble. Yahusha has a place for all in His Temple. Not everyone in the Bride is a foundational stone. Many are stones prepared to fit into the walls of Yahusha's house. However, the walls are still dependant upon the foundation stones (S.SOL 8).

... even as He uses heat and frictions between others to polish and shape His Bride. Yahusha is the Great Architect and the wise Master-builder. Each stone must submit to the workings of Yahusha. It is the favour of Yahusha that shapes the rough and unhewn stones, the unlovely stones, and thereby making us beautiful for His House, His Dwelling Place. There will be no unhewn, unsquared or unpolished stones in His house. All must measure up to His Divine standard of BEHAVIOUR, having followed in His footsteps of death and resurrection, in order to be prepared for Eternity.

All the stones fitted together when brought in from the quarries. Today, Yahusha has believers scattered across the globe in various "quarries", being shapen, hewn, chiselled and polished, being measured and prepared to fit together on the ultimate day of His building. Today is the day of Deliverance. Now is the accepted time to get ready and prepared for the ultimate coming together of Yahusha's Temple, the New Jerusalem, at His return. Yahusha often uses other stones to rub up against, and polish other stones ...

The process of preparing a human to pass from mortality to immortality involves immense pressure and fire, and is the most agonising transition the human body can experience and endure. It is complete rebirth and transformation - it is loud, it is violent, it is unrelenting, but it will be done prior to the construction and appearance of the New Jerusalem. At that point there will be no violent reactions, no testing, no shaping, no pressing or burning, for all the lively stones will be prepared, mature and ready to undergo that final step, being transformed in the twinkling of an eye (an instantaneous blip from flesh to a new immortal specie like Yahusha). No noise or conflict or pain will be involved with this final step, for all of that has already been performed on the willing stones. Those not willing to endure the hard-pressing and fire will not reach the measure of the Divine Standard in the required time remaining and will not experience the First Resurrection in order to form the New City !