Adam and Eve had many children after they left the garden and the earth began to populate. Their first son was Cain, and he became a farmer of the earth. Their next son Abel however became a shepherd of the sheep. As they matured, both men (and indeed all of Adam’s children) were taught about upright, clean and unblemished behaviour by their father and how they were to now approach their Creator through regular animal blood-offerings at YAHUAH’S Appointed Times, in order to repent of their evil behaviour and walk in obedience. EVEN THOUGH CAIN HAS THE FIRSBORN `STATUS’, HE WASN’T NECESSARILY ADAM AND EVE’S FIRST CHILD. A FAMILY COULD HAVE 10 CHILDREN BUT IF THE FIRST 9 WERE GIRLS AND THE 10th WAS A BOY, THE FIRST MALE-CHILD WAS GIVEN THE STATUS OF “THE FIRSTBORN”. SO IT’S HIGHLY LIKELY THAT ADAM AND EVE HAD SEVERAL GIRL CHILDREN BEFORE CAIN WAS BORN, HENCE GIVING HIM OPTIONS FOR MARRIAGE.

On this particular day though, Cain offered a slap-happy, sub-standard offering of fruit from the ground to YAHUAH (no blood involved) and Abel actually sacrificed the very best firstborn sheep of his flock to YAHUAH as instructed. Seeing the motivations of their heart, YAHUAH was pleased with Abel’s effort and sent a mighty burst of fire from the sky which burnt up his offering. Abel felt wonderful that YAHUAH had shown him favour that day and had rewarded him for his efforts in approaching Him. He then looked on in anticipation to see if his brother’s offering would get the same ‘light-show’ treatment. But there was silence and no acceptance from YAHUAH, for Cain’s lazy-arse offering had no blood, therefore no acknowledgment of repentance towards his Creator.

Cain took YAHUAH’S silence very personally, got very jealous of his brother’s favour and went into a misery sulk! So YAHUAH said “Cain, why are you throwing a moody princess tantrum? I always accept you if you put in the right effort don’t I? But if you’re lazy and disobedient then the enemy is waiting at the doorway, ready to control you. He wants to get you (big time!) but if you do well and behave as instructed you can easily conquer him”. SIN IS ALWAYS WAITING AT THE DOOR, WANTING US TO LET IT IN AND BEHAVE IT. But Cain wouldn’t receive this and (even though he told all this to his brother) his stubborn attitude remained and he began entertaining the idea of killing his brother.

Some time after this, both Cain and Abel were out working in the fields, Cain planting seed and Abel feeding his flocks. One of Abel’s sheep wandered into an area Cain had just planted seeds in and trampled them which made Cain furious. He went up to his brother with hatred in his veins saying, “OY!! Why the hell would you feed your flam’in sheep here? Get your flock outta here and stay off my land!”

“O’ you mean these sheep here that you clothe yourself with brother? That’s intelligent! You give me back your woolen cardi and I’ll get off your land, deal?”

“You are such an annoying pain, how ‘bout I just kill you right here instead! Who would know? Who would miss you? Your blood would never be required of me!”

“Our Creator Yahuah would know! He sees everything we do and judges all our wickedness accordingly. If you spill my blood today IT WILL BE ALL YOU'LL BE ABLE TO THINK ABOUT for the rest of your life brother, which may not be long cause Yahuah will avenge me and my blood will be on your head!” And when Cain heard these words from his ‘goody-two-shoes’ brother, his heart burned within him and his seething hatred rose up. He took the sharp end of his plowing tool and thrust it violently into his brother Abel’s chest, murdering him. Abel’s body fell to the ground and Cain freaked out seeing his brother’s blood gushing out everywhere into the earth next to his flocks. Cain cried out over his brother’s dead body, weeping bitterly in sorrow for what he had done. Then he dug a hole in the ground, placed his brother in it and buried him.

A little later YAHUAH said “Hey Cain, where’s your brother mate?” And Cain snapped back, “How the hell should I know? Do I follow him around?" But YAHUAH said “I can hear the voice of your brother’s innocent blood screaming from the dirt. Not only did you lie to Me but you slaughtered your brother in cold blood. The ground which just took your brother’s blood is now cursed to you, you’re banished from your home and you'll be a wanderer and a criminal for the rest of your life, this is your punishment forever”.

And Cain cried out saying “Nooooo, this punishment is too much for me, I can’t stand to be hidden from Your face. I’m so sorry father. If I leave here and wander the earth, I will surely be killed by whoever finds me”.

But YAHUAH said “Stop being so dramatic, that won’t happen, I’ll put a mark of protection on you and if anyone kills you then their punishment will be seven times greater”. And Cain left the presence of YAHUAH and his homeland and lived in a land further east of Eden. He found a wife, had a son, built a city and named it after his son Enoch.


And Adam and Eve had another child and called him Seth and they were overjoyed that YAHUAH had given them another son after the horrific death of Abel. Years later Seth had a son and called him Anush, and the Name of Yahuah continued to be acknowledged.

The translation has altered slightly since this (1st EDITION) recording, but still easy-to-grasp :-)