SUMMARY 1: Genesis (Barashith)


These 5 books written by Moses (commonly called the `Turah') are inspired by Yahusha and contain the most direct quotes and word-for-word `oracles' (red writing in this translation) than any other portion of Scripture, until of course Yahusha appears as flesh and blood and speaks in person. There can be no disputing the validity or authenticity of these Living Words because anyone with Yahusha's Spirit within them can instantly feel the same inspiration that wrote these books surging through, like a burning light.

We know that Creation was `GOOD' because Yahusha said so Himself. It was the perfect Covenant-Marriage Home to house the loving union between He and His Creation. Mankind were created in His image and they were good too. Remember when Yahusha said `good' in hebrew it meant PERFECT, THE ULTIMATE, WITHOUT FLAW OR DARKNESS . . . GOOD!

Adam and Kuah were immortal (they would never die or feel pain or suffering) and had `open shamayim', they could see and communicate with the higher dimension through the portal and WOW !! imagine the conversations that went on with the messengers and other higher creatures. Adam was placed in charge of naming, caring for, and ruling the world and told to GUARD it.

Not long after the Creation, and the blissful experience in Eden, we see exactly WHAT Adam was to guard the Garden against . . . the Dragon! Beneath the surface of this earthly realm, an age old battle had been waging against GOOD and EVIL, and when the DARKNESS revolted against the power of Yahusha's LIGHT, Satan was expelled from the higher dimension and fell, taking a third of the divine messengers with him. So in bitter retaliation against their Creator, the first thing on these demon's agenda after Creation was to sever and destroy Yahusha's loving union between the dimensions, and the intimate relationship He had established with mankind, through the only means they know: lies and deception.

Satan (the Dragon) came into the first marriage with a sinister plot of sexual seduction and confusion, sowing the seeds of rebellion and disobedience in them, the fruit of which was EVIL BEHAVIOUR (called sin). Nakedness ensued, not just physical awareness but an UNROBING (or defrocking) OF THE LIGHT of Yahusha's esteem, which previously surrounded them like a thick cloud of love and warmth. By Adam & Kua's rejection of Yahusha, the dimensions were disconnected, the tree of life (Yahusha's Word) was eventually removed from this earth and mankind was alone, on a planet they had sold over to the Dragon through their obedient behaviour (worship) to his seething deception. They were now his bitches ! (BECAUSE WE ARE SLAVES TO THE ONE WE OBEY!)


The instant Adam and Kuah disobeyed Yahusha He had the choice to end their existence according to His own principle, or find a substitute to die instead. Either way BLOOD (LIFE) HAD TO BE SHED TO PURIFY (ATONE) THE HIGH-HANDED CRIME OF DISOBEDIENCE. So Yahusha brought about the first death on this planet (DEATH IS A HUGE DEAL AND AN ABOMINATION TO HIM) by slaughtering the first lambs to cover their crime and also to clothe the first man and woman.

Over a thousand years of disobedience raged on the earth with only a small thread of obedient men and women hearing Yahusha's voice and passing down His Instructions of clean living to the next generation. The fallen messengers had worked their way into human vessels via ancient DNA tampering, using the women and bizarre herbal concoctions in order to have sex with them, and the results of this abominable union were the NEFILIM CREATURES, which ravaged the planet of alot of it's resources and terrorised the population.


So Yahusha decided that global extinction was necessary to rid the earth of the filth caused by Satan and his demons and He commissioned Noah to build an Ark in order to save he and his family from the global flood which wiped out everything. The water canopy surrounding the earth fell in and the earth cracked open, spewing forth a mighty deluge of water for 40 days and nights, covering even the highest mountaintops . . . creating a clean world of water!


After Noah and his family left the Ark, the first thing Yahusha did was establish a line of communication with mankind again (as He did with Adam) through the bloodshed of innocent animals, and as mankind multiplied and filled the earth, Yahusha would occassionally visit and communicate via what became known as the STONE-TABLE ALTARS (just a pile of stones really). However after Babel and the scattering of languages and the huge influx of the organised mazzaroth worship system through Nimrod and Semiramis (sun-moon-stars-nature worship - still in full force today), mankind was very superstitious (believing in spirits and witchcraft) and polytheistic (believing in many different gods and idols), so whenever Yahusha did appear or speak to someone IT WAS A HUGE DEAL and those altars pretty much became landmarks in desparate attempts by mankind to RECONNECT with their Creator and hear a word or feel His love.

This was the sorry state of mankind for the first two millenia and this was the world that Abram entered: darkened, pagan, idolatrous and evil. Yahusha spoke to Abram and told him to leave his family and everything he knew and travel into a foreign land, because (unbeknowst to him) Yahusha had a spectacular plan for this foreign land where he was going, as well as the people who would live in it: The land was Canaan and the people would be the Hebrews. 


So Yahusha established His Blood-Covenant (relationship) again, this time with Abram, changing his name to Abraham and (unlike with Noah), He drew closer, requiring mankind to (this time) take part in the process by shedding the blood of their foreskins (circumcision). These people of Abraham became the first HEBREWS (meaning to cross-over) through their involvement and obedience to Yahusha's Blood-Covenant. And now that a successful relationship had been formed, Yahusha got straight to work, bringing about the main-part of His Covenant-Promise to Abraham: CHILDREN: descendants as many as the stars in the sky and sand on the seashore.

Abraham was indeed the father of our belief because He trusted in the promises of Yahusha and was even willing to kill his only son, believing that Yahusha was more than capable of resurrecting Him if He desired! WOW!

Through this symbolically `resurrected' son Isaac, Yahusha demonstrated the pattern for marriage, not only through Rebekah's willingness to travel into the unknown and marry a man she'd never met, but the simplicity and beauty of what marriage (in Yahusha's sight) really is: COMMIT & CONSUMMATE, that's all!

Then through Isaac and Rebekah came those terrible twins, Esau and Jacob and despite the favouritism, deceit, betrayal and family dramas, Yahusha introduced Himself to Jacob and raised up His Blood-Covenant with Him, then He separated Jacob, sending him back to the pagan lands where Abraham had hailed from, and through hard labour (and more family deceit), Yahusha blessed him with much wealth, two wives , two servant-wives and of course 12 sons (and a daughter): THE FUTURE GENERATION where Yahusha would make good on His promise to Abraham.


Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all had to fight and defend and work the land of Canaan in attempts to secure even just a portion of it for their families, however they always remains bedoins, gypsies, wanderers, moving from place to place, never truly putting roots down. And even though Yahusha had promised Abraham that all this land (of canaan) would belong to him, several major events needed to take place first, establishing the Hebrews as a full-blown national entity.


Through Jacob's daughter Dina came rape, betrayal and a massachistic bloodbath by Simeon and Levi, completely freaking their father out, who was trying to maintain peaceful relations with the pagan cities nearby.

Then Judah wandered away from the family, his 2 sons were killed by Yahusha and their wife Tamar (still without child) was disrespectfully pushed aside, forcing her to pose as a common prostitute, have sex with her father-in-law Judah and bring forth twins, one of which would carry on the clean bloodline all the way to King David and then Yahusha Himself. Through his loyalty and obedience later in his life, Judah was indeed blessed with the firstborn birthright and the royal line (scepter) stayed in his family-tree.


Through Joseph (Jacob's favourite son from his favourite wife Rachel) came brotherly envy and jealously so extremely bitter that they beat him, sold him into slavery and lied to their father, telling him he'd been killed by a wild animals. Joseph was up himself, a dreamer, and through his slavery in Egypt, Yahusha taught Him how to be a trustworthy, humble servant and due to his behaviour, he gradually rose the political ranks, until he interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh and was given complete reign and rule of Egypt, second only to the Pharaoh himself.

Through Joseph, Yahusha fulfilled His Words to Abraham that his decendants would become foreigners in a land not their own, for Jacob, who'd since wrestled with Yahusha Himself and been given a new name, Yisharal, moved all his families and wealth to Egypt, where they were delivered from the starvation of the famine and looked after by Joseph, the Prince of Egypt. 

Before Jacob/Yisharal died, he practically cursed Reuben, Simeon and Levi, promoted Judah to the firstborn BIRTHRIGHT position (giving him the authority to rule the tribes) and gave Joseph the firstborn BLESSING of power and wealth, (something that would not be seen later until Ephraim (Joseph's son) became the most dominant tribe in the land of Canaan.  

And so the book of Genesis ends with the first generation of Yahusha's Bride Yisharal, chosen, fruitful and protected in a foreign pagan land, looked after by Joseph. The scene had been set, all the players were in their right positions and all was needed now, was for Yahusha to wait . . . about 400 years.

Let's look at the word GREEN :


24 'ABIYB: to be tender); green, i.e. a young ear of grain; hence, the name of the month Abib or Nisan - Abib, ear, green ears of corn (not maize).

3759 KARMEL: a planted field (garden, orchard, vineyard or park); by implication, garden produce:--full (green) ears (of corn), fruitful field (place), plentiful (field)

3892 LACH: to be new; fresh, i.e. unused or undried:--green, moist.

6291 PAG: to be torpid, i.e. crude; an unripe fig:--green fig.

7487 RA`ANAN: prosperous, flourishing.

7718 SHOHAM: to blanch; a gem, probably the beryl (from its pale green color):--onyx.


And YAHUSHA spoke words of blessing over the man and his wife (both called `Adam’ in the beginning for they were one), instructing them about right and wrong, clean and unclean, telling them to fill the earth and rule over the birds of the air, the fish of the sea and all the animals, livestock and creatures and to guard the garden of Eden, to tend to it and work it and eat of it’s fruit and that every GREEN plant was for their food". GEN 1 BRS

"And Yahuah said to me during the reign of King Josiah, 'have you seen what that backsliding Yisharal has done? She's behaved like a whore on every high mountain and under every GREEN tree". JEREMIAH 3 BRS

"And the 7 messengers who held the 7 trumpets prepared themselves to sound. And after the 1st messenger sounded, there was hail and fire mixed with blood, thrown to the earth. And a 3rd of the trees were burned up, and all the GREEN grass was burned up". REV 8 BRS

It is so interesting to see where the word GREEN leads us too throughout Scripture, taking us from Creation to being involved with the divorce-note Yahusha gave Yisharal. JEREMIAH 3 says "Just acknowledge your crookedness, because you've greatly offended Yahuah your Alahim, and have now spread your behaviour to strangers under every GREEN tree, and you haven't obeyed My voice". Yahusha also describes Yisharal in verse 2, "Is there a place where you haven't whored yourself with men? Besides the ways you sat before them like an Arabian in the wilderness? And you made the land unclean with your whorings and your evil".

Yisharal had experienced a civil war and formed another nation, calling it Judah without permission, and they were both including other nations deities and whorings, mixing lies with the Words of Yahusha and worshiping Him through other deities. This made the land unclean, and Yahusha called Judah treacherous, because in this kind of behaviour they had broken wedlock, so Yahusha put Judah and eventually Yisharal away and gave them a certificate of divorce. Yahusha called Yisharal backsliding and Judah treacherous, punishing them and scattering them into the nations.

Then the word GREEN ends up in the prophecy of Revelation 8, where it says that a third of the trees were burned up, and all the GREEN grass was burned up too.

Green means prosperous and flourishing and a gem. Green shows us what has happened in the past and what is coming in our future. As long as the earth stands so will the GREEN.

Sadly, through the word GREEN we see the result of Jacob's children and how they chose to disobey Yahusha's Divine Instructions and after all the effort Yahusha took to orchestrate their new covenant land, they were cut off, booted out of the promised land, sent away, divorced and scattered into the nations, becoming a non-people. Such is the result of rejecting Yahusha, and today mankind has the same choice put before them; OBEY AND LIVE OR DISOBEY AND DIE !