The first Temple of Yahuah, with its detailed description, its furnishings and measurements, Priestly Sacrifices and Order of Praise, is a wonderfully rich and rewarding study for those who desire to truly understand how Yahusha is the ultimate fulfilment of every prophesy and shadow. Truly there is no more revelation to receive once at the feet of Yahusha – for He is endless not only in love but YAHUSHA IS THE FINALITY OF ALL REVELATION ( so why go backwards? )

Men through history have endeavoured to erect beautiful buildings and structures, magnificent in architectural design, beauty and esteem, in order to make a name for themselves.

However, none can compare with the structures which Yahuah, the Wise Master Builder, designed, which He gave by revelation and inspiration to His servants who built according to the DIVINE PATTERN shown to them.

Pagan Kings built Temples for themselves or their people and priesthood, but all became idolatrous Temples and "devil dwellings" in due time. But Yahuah's Temple became the dwelling of His esteem, His presence, His Spirit, and there He communicated with His people. Yes! Yahuah Himself dwelt in the structures which He Himself commanded to be built, so that He could live among His redeemed.

Many believers have a reasonable knowledge and understanding of Moses` Tabernacle in the Wilderness with its many truths, however few seem to enquire into the same amazing truths that are found in the Temple of Solomon, only in greater amplification, along with Divine additions.

Why study Solomon’s Temple?

Why study the Tabernacle of Moses?

Why study David’s Tent?

Here's a few reasons why we should study this neglected portion of the Set-Apart Scriptures.

1. BECAUSE Yahusha came to fulfil all that was shadowed forth and prophesied of, in the law and the prophets (MATT 5:17-18 & 11:13).

The Temple and its whole Sacrificial System shadowed forth and prophesied of the sufferings of Messiah and the esteem that would follow (1 PET 1:10-12).

2. BECAUSE as we study the external form of the Temple, we will discover the knowledge and truth hidden within (ROM 2:20). The external and the material has passed away, but the knowledge and the truth hidden within remains. It is unveiled by New Blood-Covenant truth and revelation.

3. BECAUSE the same is applicable to the Temple of Solomon, as what's spoken of concerning the Tabernacle of Moses. The Tabernacle was "A FIGURE" (HEB 9:24), "AN EXAMPLE" (HEB 8:5), "A PARABLE" (HEB 9:9), and "A PATTERN" and "TYPE" of heavenly things (in Shamayim). So is the Temple of Solomon (HEB 9:23, ACTS 7:44).

4. BECAUSE the Old Blood-Covenant period was "the age of the shadow" and a shadow of good things to come. As we follow the shadow we eventually come to the person whose shadow it was … Yahusha Messiah (HEB 8-10, COL 2,  1 COR 10).

THE PURPOSE OF THE SHADOW IS TO BRING US TO THE SUBSTANCE. THE PURPOSE OF PROPHECY IS TO BRING US TO THE FULFILMENT. So the earthly Temple, as a shadow, is to bring us to the Divine Temple, the substance and the reality of all things. The Temple (just as the Tabernacle of Moses) was a pattern of Divine realities, of the heavenly Temple (REV 11:19 & 15:5).

5. BECAUSE a Divine Principle is "First the natural, then afterwards that which is spiritual" (1 COR 15:46-47). We look at the natural, the material, which is temporal, in order to discover by the Spirit that which is spiritual, and eternal. The seen brings us to the unseen, THE VISIBLE HELPS US TO UNDERSTAND THE INVISIBLE (2 COR 4:18, ROM 1:20).

6. BECAUSE man himself was created to be the Temple or Dwelling Place of Yahuah, a place where Heaven and Earth are connected through a Portal Doorway, but Sin ruined the Temple and severed the connection. So Yahusha is now restoring man through Deliverance and Divine Operation to be His Temple, indwelt by the Set-Apart Spirit of Yahusha (1 COR 3:16-17 & 6:16-20). The Bride today, individually (and very soon corporately) constitute the Temple of Yahuah in the 21st Century.

7. BECAUSE the Temple was a symbolic and typical representation, first of Yahusha (JN 2:19-21), and secondly of the Assembly (1 COR 3:16-17 & 6:16). Believers are spoken of as 'LIVING STONES", being built into a "SPIRITUAL HOUSE" as the "TEMPLE OF THE SET-APART SPIRIT" (I PET 2:5-9).

The Temple was a prophetic structure. Immaterial truth was hidden in material form to help us understand. The material structure represented spiritual insights.

8. BECAUSE as will be seen, the earthly Temple was a shadow of the Divine Temple. Both the Tabernacle of Moses and David’s Tent were earthly shadows of heavenly things, and the same is true of the Temple of Solomon. The true Temple is Eternal and Divine. John saw "the Temple of the Tabernacle of witness in heaven opened" (REV 15:5 & 1:19). The things built on earth were built after the "patterns of things in the heavens" (HEB 9:23). BOTH MOSES AND DAVID, WHO RECEIVED THE REVELATION OF THE TABERNACLE AND TEMPLE IN HEAVEN ACTUALLY SAW THE SAME TRUTHS.

So these, we would say, are the major Scriptural reasons for a study of "The Temple built by Solomon".

Yahusha Himself often spoke in Parables (stories) to the multitudes. However, His disciples knew that within and beyond the parable was eternal truth, and only those who had ears to hear and eyes to see would know the truth veiled within the parable. Likewise the Temple has many hidden truths veiled in it and those truths are brought to light by the Set-Apart Spirit who is the Spirit of Wisdom (PS 43:3).

The multitude may never see these truths for they are ABSTRACTLY DISCERNED and "It is the esteem of Yahuah to conceal a matter, but it the honour of Kings to search it out" (PRO 25:2). The language of creation becomes the language of redemption and deliverance. Creation's language is actually Yahuah's secret code for either concealing or revealing truth according to the behaviour and attitude of the hearers (MATT 13:9-17). Symbolic abstract language reveals eternal truths in the Scripture to those who are listening to the Spirit of Yahusha.

Spiritual ignorance may pass the study of the Temple as "merely a type", but to the hungry in Messiah, the Set-Apart Spirit will take the word line on line, here a little and there a little, precept upon precept and reveal the esteem of Yahusha and His Bride (JOHN 14:6 & 16:13-16).

Yahusha Himself said, "In this place (i.e THE TEMPLE) is One greater than the Temple". And again, "Behold, one greater than Solomon is here" (MATT 12:6,42). The Divine Tabernacle was a greater and more perfect Tabernacle than the Wilderness tabernacle, and so too, the Temple in Shamayim is a greater and more perfect Temple than the earthly Temple that Solomon built.

Yahusha is greater than Solomon and all his wisdom and esteem because Yahusha is the wisdom and esteem of Yahuah personified. He is greater than Solomon's Temple in all its grandeur because HE HIMSELF IS THE TEMPLE, and the wisdom and esteem of Yahuah manifest in bodily form (JN 1:14-18 & 2:19-21, COL 1:19 & 2:9). Messiah Himself is greater than the material building, greater than the articles of furniture, greater than the sacrifices and oblations, greater than the priesthood orders, greater than all, for He Himself is the Temple in human form!

We come in Praise now to Him AS A PERSON, not in worship to a building. "Gather My people together unto Me", says the Psalmist "Unto Him shall the gathering of the people be", says Jacob (PS 50:5, GEN 49:10). He is the Living Temple, which is greater than the material Temple. THE ETERNAL TEMPLE IS FAR GREATER THAN THE TEMPORAL TEMPLE. Solomon's Temple was local, geographical and especially designed for one people, the chosen Nation of Yisharal. But Yahusha, as Yahuah's Living Temple, is the universal Dwelling to whom all Nations may now come for DELIVERANCE, SACRIFICE & PRAISE.

Another important truth to keep in mind is that even though Yahuah commanded the Temple to be built and then visibly dwelt in it through His esteem-presence, Solomon recognised the truth of just WHO Yahuah really is, saying, "But who is able to build Him a House, since Heaven and even the Heaven of Heaven are unable to contain Him? Who am I then, that I should build Him a House, except to offer before Him?" (2 CHRON 2:6 & 6:18, ACTS 7:49; I KINGS 8:27). Here Solomon recognised the attributes of Yahuah's Spirituality, immensity of being, omnipresence (EVERYWHERE AT ONCE) as well as omnipotence (ALL POWERFUL)  and omniscience (ALL KNOWING).

Yahuah cannot be limited to Temples made with hands, for He inhabits eternity - all time and space (IS 57:15). Yahuah who is Spirit cannot be confined to the material, yet in His mercy and favour He manifested Himself in the material Temple. "Heaven is My throne, the earth is My footstool, where is the house that you build for Me, and where is the place of My rest? For all those things has My hand made . . says Yahuah," (IS 66:1-2).

The tragic thing was, in the time of Yahusha (and also in Jeremiah's time), the Jews ended up worshipping the Temple of Yahuah itself and missed Yahuah, the Alahim of that Temple (MATT 23:16-22). It is also noteworthy that Yahuah did not inspire men to give full and complete details in Scripture of the Temple, knowing that man is a great duplicator and imitator of Divine things and would simply repeat the fatal mistakes of Yisharal and worship a building and miss THE BUILDER of all things.

However, Yahuah did give enough details for us to understand the general design and construction of it. 

It's also interesting that there are more specific references in the New Blood-Coveant writings (N.T) to the Assembly being "the Temple of Yahuah" rather than "the Tabernacle of Yahuah", although both are true (1 COR 3:16 & 6:16, EPH 2:20-22), and perhaps this emphasis is because (as we've recently learnt) Moses' Tabernacle was primarily revolving around the Sacrificial System, then David's Tent focussed on Music & Praise, and through Solomon's Temple ...

a balanced system of both Sacrifice and Praise was combined and ran parralel in a unified Behaviour of National Worship.


So Solomon's Temple was a type, a shadow and prophetic figure and structure of :

(1) Yahusha Messiah,

(2) The Bride, His Body made up of many members,

(3) The Heavenly Temple and Eternal Realities,

(4) The City of Yahuah, the New Yerushalim, the Eternal Habitation of Yahusha and His Redeemed. It abounds with spiritual truth and precious gems.

All of the esteem of Solomon's Temple was but a faint revelation of all the esteem revealed in the true Temple, Yahusha and His Bride!

Let's briefly look at the events that led to King David getting the revelation of the Temple Pattern (BLUEPRINTS).


In 2 Sam 6 and 1 Chron 15-16 we have the record of David placing the Ark of Yahuah in a Tent and establishing the Order of Singers and Musicians not previously known in Yisharal's history, particularly relating to the worship of Yahuah. This order of Worship and Praise was established about 30 years or more before the building of Solomon's Temple. This Praise Behaviour was also incorporated into the Temple Order in due time, and the Ark of Yahuah was taken out of this Tent and set in the Temple.


David was a man of war and Yahuah used him to smite the enemies of Yisharal. But there came a time when the Scripture says that "Yahuah had given him rest round about from all his enemies." Even though David was a praiser of Yahuah, he was also a conqueror of Yahuah's enemies, and it was for this reason that Yahuah would not permit him to build His house, "because you have been a man of war, and have shed much blood" (1 CHRON 28:3 & 22:6-8). Remember how much Yahuah hates death and cannot be around it, for it's the opposite of everything He is. So the House of Yahuah (Temple) had to be built by a man of PEACE, not by a man of WAR. Yahuah used King David to put His and Yisharal's enemies under his feet, and this was in fulfilment of the promises Yahuah gave to Abraham that his seed would possess the gate of his enemies (GEN 22, EX 23, LEV 26, 2 SAM 7, PS 3 & 110).


One day, as King David sat in his House and Yahuah had given him rest from all his enemies, there came into the heart of David a great desire, "Look! I dwell in a House of cedars, but the Ark of the Blood-Covenant of Yahuah dwells within curtains." He expressed his desire to Nathan to build Yahuah a House, a place more worthy of the Ark of Yahuah. Yisharal had lived in tents in the wilderness journeys. Now they were dwelling in houses and cities. The Ark of Yahuah had been in the Tabernacle and under Tents for the wilderness journeys also but now that Yisharal was in the land of promise, in Houses, and enemies had been subdued, why should the Ark of Yahuah still be in a Tent and not in a House? The prophet Nathan told David to do all that was in his heart. 


Then during the night, the Word of Yahuah came to the Prophet Nathan and it was opposite to the word of Nathan the day before. Yahuah sent Nathan to David and gave him a personal Blood-Covenant. Among the promises given in this Blood-Covenant was the fact that David would not build Yahuah a house but his son, Solomon would do that. However, because DAVID DESIRED to build Yahuah a house, YAHUAH PROMISED that He would build David a House. The evident lesson is seen. If Yahuah's people are concerned for the House of Yahuah, then Yahuah will build them a House, a HOUSEHOLD OF BELIEF.

Through this special Blood-Covenant, Yahuah personally gave David,

1. THE PROMISE of an appointed place, another land,

2. THE PROMISE of victory over enemies,

3. THE PROMISE of Kingship, involving David’s seed, house and throne,

4. THE PROMISE of sure mercies,

5. THE PROMISE of his seed producing the Messiah,

6. THE PROMISE of the Temple, the house of Yahuah, 

7. THE PROMISE of David's son Solomon, to build the house of Yahuah.

This Blood-Covenant was sealed by blood sacrifices and confirmed with an oath as to being an irrevocable Agreement.


With the establishment of the Blood-Covenant to David, through the Prophet Nathan, David's heart is filled with Prayer and Praise. He went and sat before Yahuah. His whole Prayer and Thanksgiving concerns the Name of Yahuah, and the TWO HOUSES (Kingdom & Priesthood) that would be built. Yahuah would build David a House, because David desired to build Yahuah a House. David "found in his heart to pray this prayer to Yahuah." (2 SAM 7:27, 1 CHRON 17:25).


In 1 Chron 28-29 we have the account of King David's word to the leadership of the Nation, as well as to the congregation. David explained the desire he had to build the House for Yahuah, so he told Solomon and the leaders how he had been given the vision of the Temple of Yahuah by revelation and that he had received the Pattern of it all by the Set-Apart Spirit. Under inspiration of the Spirit he wrote it down for Solomon and those who would be involved in the building of it.

Yahuah was the Architect, the Designer of the Temple. Nothing was left to man's mind, or imagination or creativity. It was all of Yahuah's wisdom. In 1 Chron 28 we have the following description of the pattern given to David:

the pattern of the porch, and the houses thereof, and the treasuries thereof, and the upper chambers thereof, and of the inner parlours thereof, and of the place of the mercy-seat, and the pattern of all he had by the Spirit, of the courts of the house of Yahuah, and of all the chambers round about, and of the treasuries of the house of Yahuah, and of the treasuries of the dedicated things, also for the courses of the Priests and Levites, and for all the work of the service of the house of Yahuah, and for all the vessels of service in the house of Yahuah, with the pattern for the chariot of the cherubims. "All this, Yahuah made me understand by writing by His hand upon me, even all the work of this pattern." So, the porch, the houses, the treasuries, the chambers, the Set-Apart oracle, the courts, the priestly courses, the work of the house, the vessels, the chariot of the olive cherubim all were given to David in vision, and he was inspired to write it down as he had seen the vision. DAVID HAD A VISION OF THE HOUSE OF YAHUAH. HE RECEIVED THE DIVINE PATTERN. He was able to "write the vision and make it plain" so that Solomon and his workers could build accordingly. Without a vision the people would perish (PRO 29:18 & HAB 2:1-3).

Just as the Tabernacle of Moses was built according to Divine pattern, not being left to the mind of Moses or his co-builders, David’s Tent followed the Divine Pattern in the order of Singers and Musicians and the Revolutionary order of Praise Behaviour to Yahuah. This order was continued on into the Temple order and built ACCORDING TO THE PATTERN revealed to David by the Spirit in writing.

The Temple of Ezekiel is also according to the Divine Pattern (EZ 43:10) ...


FIRSTLY, the Earthly Temple was but a shadow on Earth of the Heavenly Temple. David (in spirit) saw the Heavenly Temple, even as Moses (in spirit) saw the Heavenly Tabernacle. All that is Heaven's order is perfect and complete and is according to the Divine blueprint, the pattern of Yahuah, the Architect of the universe. Therefore the Earthly Temple, the earthly Dwelling Place of Yahuah must be according to the Pattern of the Heavenly Dwelling Place (IS 57:15).

SECONDLY, the Temple on earth was to be Yahuah's Earthly Dwelling place where He could dwell among His people by His Spirit. Here He could reveal His esteem, speak with voice to His appointed and anointed High Priest on the ground of redemption.

The Way of approach from Yahuah's Perspective

The Way of approach from Yahuah's Perspective

This pointed to Yahusha who is the Temple of Yahuah bodily in the earth (JN 2:19-21). Yahuah was in Messiah, His Temple. His Spirit, His esteem, and His voice was heard in and through Him. HE WAS YAHUAH'S SINLESS AND PERFECT DWELLING PLACE EVERYWHERE HE WALKED. He was "THE PATTERN MAN". Therefore, the earthly material Temple which was prophetic of Yahusha must be "according to the pattern". Yahusha measured up to the Divine Standards and Pattern of Yahuah as THE Temple of Yahuah Himself.

The same is true of the Bride, the Body of Yahusha. The Assembly, Yahuah's New Blood-Covenant Temple, must also be built according to the Pattern laid out in the Word of Yahuah, the Set-Apart Scripture.

Yahuah can only bless in His people that which is wholly of Himself. Yahuah can only dwell amongst His people in the fulness of esteem as all measure up to the Divine Measurements (BEHAVIOUR) by the Spirit. Yahuah can only seal with His esteem-fire that which is according to the Divine Pattern. Paul, as a wise master-builder, received the Divine Pattern and order for the New Blood-Covenant Assembly, the Temple of Yahuah, and encouraged all other builders to "take heed how you build...." (1 COR 3 & 6, EPH 2). If Yahuah was obsessed about the material Temple being built to His pattern, how much more so, concerning Himself (the Head), and the Bride (His Body), together forming the final Temple of Yahuah!

Undoubtedly one of the most significant things relative to the Temple building is in the fact that Yahuah gave the revelation and pattern of it to a King — King David! Then from King David it was given to King Solomon, both of the Royal Tribe of Judah (Jacob’s son in whom the sceptre will never leave). In contrast, we see the Revelation and Pattern of the Tabernacle of Yahuah in the Wilderness, was given to A PRIEST, to Moses of the Tribe of Levi, the priestly Tribe. Though Moses is called a King and lawgiver, his major office was PRIEST and MEDIATOR of the Old Blood-Covenant. David, however, is King of the Royal Tribe of Judah, yet he touches things pertaining to Priestly status and roles, especially in the setting up of his Praise Tent.

In the Tabernacle of Moses, Aaron also appears, serving as HIGH PRIEST. However, in the Temple of Yahuah, it is Solomon as King who serves. The High Priest is not mentioned in all of the building or the dedication and the divine esteem-fire that came to the Temple on that day, which is certainly an unusual thing.

Surely there is something significant in the emphasis on these two separate offices and persons, at two separate habitations. However, this is not to say that the office of High Priest was not in function at he Temple, for it was, but we have both the offices of KING and PRIEST happening at Solomon's Temple.

For sharper focus we see that in the Old Blood-Covenant these two offices were basically separated to two persons and two different Tribes. There was the PRIESTLY office of the Tribe of Levi, and the KINGLY office of the Tribe of Judah. Several men only touched something in measure of these two offices, and each were involved in the building of a habitation for Yahuah.

But the fulfilment of these offices is of course seen in YAHUSHA MESSIAH, WHO IS OUR MOSES, OUR DAVID, AND OUR SOLOMON ALL IN ONE PERSON. He fulfilled and transformed the Levitical and Aaronic Priesthood and Sacrifices. He is of the Tribe of Judah, the greater Son of David. He is the Builder of the New Blood-Covenant Temple, the Bride, Yahuah's greater house. HE COMBINES IN HIS HUMANITY AND DIVINITY THE TWO OFFICES OF KING AND PRIEST AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK.

To summarise this study about Divine Habitations, we see that Yahusha has always wanted to be as close as physically possible to His chosen people because He loves them so much ! Just look at the planning and effort and patience He's endured to achieve His ultimate goal: CLOSE INTIMACY WITH HIS BRIDE!