Through the life of Joseph we saw the character traits of Messiah YAHUSHA Himself, born into the covenant bloodline, stripped of his power, falsely accused, a suffering servant who never complained and was left for dead (to his family) and resurrected to the heights of power to deliver the world. His bereaved father Jacob, who had always struggled and fought for every step of his belief, was devastated and lost, beyond being comforted, until news of his son’s `resurrection’ reignited his spirits again and he became the mighty Yisharal, filled with covenant hope and returning to his pathway of promises.

Joseph’s life indeed foreshadowed our Messiah’s and the origins of the Eternal-Blood-Covenant lay a firm foundation to build YAHUSHA’S perfect Covenant House for His Firstfruit Bride, once lost through disobedience in the Garden. Abraham was YAHUSHA’S friend, Isaac was willing to be sacrificed as the only son of the Blood-Covenant and Jacob wrestled with YAHUSHA his whole life and in the end, overcame. Exodus (meaning `names’) sees a new shift in YAHUSHA’S REDEMPTIVE PLAN.

Just as He grafted Joseph, a clean, circumcised covenant-son into a pagan sun-worshipping, idolatrous society to live, speak, inter-marry and lead His chosen people INTO Egypt, we will now see YAHUSHA graft another clean, circumcised covenant-son into this same wicked society to deliver His chosen people and lead them back OUT to the land He promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But as with all of His Bride coming out from an idolatrous system of slavery, they had to be trained and tested and taken into the wilderness, separated and severed from all ties to have their eyes firmly placed on YAHUSHA who will work and reason with her so that her behavior will be that of pure gold, shining!

Now let's dive into Exodus !